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Petsceo was founded by a team of four passionate cat lovers and breeders who saw a need for better, more thoughtful pet products in the market. In China, cat owners are affectionately referred to as "shit shoveling officers," acknowledging the daily care that cats require and the emotional fulfillment they provide in return.

As experienced breeders, the founders were familiar with the challenges of finding high-quality pet products that met both their own and their cats' needs. They saw an opportunity to create a brand that would address these needs in a meaningful way.

With their expertise in pet products, manufacturing, and the market, the Petsceo team began by focusing on the essentials: cat bowls and litter boxes. They placed a premium on simplicity, practicality, and an "Less is More" philosophy, using only safe and environmentally friendly materials.

At Petsceo, the team believes that pet ownership should be a joy, not a chore. They are dedicated to creating products that are not only cost-effective and functional, but also enhance the bond between cat and owner. By providing simple, practical tools for cat care, they hope to encourage more interaction and affection between breeders and their feline companions.

In short, Petsceo is a brand for cat lovers, by cat lovers, striving to make life with cats easier, more enjoyable, and more fulfilling for everyone involved.

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