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Petsceo was founded by me and three of my cat-loving colleagues.

In China, we call cat owners "shit shoveling officers". Cats are masters of the home and accept our care, as their name implies. In return, their company provides us with emotional nourishment.

As qualified breeders, we are often on the market in search of high-quality pet products and services such as food, clothing, housing, and transportation. In the course of time, we came up with the idea of "why not create a pet brand ourselves?"

Not only are we a team that has a deep understanding of and love for cats, but we are also a team that understands products, manufacturing, and the market as a whole.

In light of the fact that all Petsceo's products are designed based on the most comfortable life experience for cats, we decided to begin with the most basic to start with: cat bowls and cat litter boxes. It is necessary to have tools for eating as well as tools for addressing physiological needs after eating.

In our product selection and design, we focus on simplicity, pragmatism, and LESS IS MORE is our philosophy. We strictly control the material of our products, and we take environmental protection and safety extremely seriously.

We believe that every breeder is full of love and responsibility. It is our hope that breeders will be able to increase their interaction with cats while taking care of cats. In our lives, they are faithful companions. We should not allow automatic products to deprive them of this right. It is a joy to take care of them.

We are committed to providing pet products that are cost-effective, useful, and simple for you and your cat.

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